If you do not know what is a “Waldorf doll” or just heard something, but do not know what special in it and how it differs from Barbie doll, then this article is for you. Here you will not only learn its main features and purpose, but also find a detailed workshop of Waldorf baby doll and you also can make the same little girl for yourself.
Waldorf doll is a special doll, it has details of the traditional rag doll, and also it was supplemented with the findings of the great educators of human nature. Such a doll gives the child a natural development and physical and mental health.
The doll is made only from natural materials, for body – skin colored cotton, for stuffing – fleece, clothing – cotton, linen, wool fabrics, hair – cotton or wool yarn. Dolls are sewn by hand of mothers, skilled workers, and even older children. Doll body is always proportional to the body of the child or adult. Stuffing: the head is always very tight, arms and legs are less, the body is a little softer.

Waldorf baby doll (1)

Each doll is an individual. But there are similarities – the doll is always smooth and plastic, eyes – dots, mouth – crescent. The younger the owner, the easier the doll, you can even leave the face blank – impersonal, as the traditional rag doll had. The older the child, the more you can draw the face – the eyes, a nose, a smile, cheeks. But the face is always without a certain facial expression. The doll has no stable image, it does not limit the child, on the contrary, Waldorf doll stimulates children’s imagination.

Waldorf dolls are divided according to the age of the child.Choosing a doll, you take into account the child’s character, temperament and even a constitution. This is important both from an educational and a practical point of view.
From birth to 2 years: dolls-corners, nodular, dolls-pillows, dolls-butterflies, swaddle-dolls, dolls from yarn. They are simple, soft, you can sleep or play with them. Head is heavy, and the body is soft and little formed, clothes are not removed, the face is not intrusive and it has a cap.
From 2 to 5 years: a doll already has clothes, the body is formed, legs and arms move, it can have hairs, but not very long, like of a child. Clothes are usually not removed, it is fixed, only some of the elements can be removed. Dimensions can be very different from the life-size dolls to handheld ones, which are so convenient to take a walk with.
From 4-5 years and older, it is already fun to play with such doll, clothing can be removed, the child can sew new clothes, doll has a lot of small parts, long hair, which can be combed and braided. It has interesting face, eyes are more expressive, you can add a nose, a hand has a thumb.
And now I offer a workshop of making Waldorf doll in a suit, it is suitable for kiddies from 1 year to 3-5 years.
I have already written how to make a head, so let me not repeat, because it is standard for any Waldorf doll. Let me draw your attention on the fact that in the case of doll in the suit, when the arms and legs are soft, you should immediately make a doll’s body. It should be 1.5 times the length of the head and be about the same density. The diameter of the head of my doll is 6 cm (2”), so accordingly I calculated body proportion and dress patterns.

Waldorf baby doll (2)

When the head of a doll is ready, and in my opinion, it is the most labor-intensive and interesting process, we start to make the suit.

Below you see the dress patterns and details. I recall, that you should use only natural fabrics, I used cotton jersey.

Waldorf baby doll (3)

Cut out arms and legs and stuff them with wool, you can use cotton wool.

Waldorf baby doll (4)

Sew arms and legs to the suit, stuff and attach to the head and body. Everything must be strong and tenacious, and if the child will pull the doll’s hands and legs in different directions, it must pass this test and be whole and healthy.

Waldorf baby doll (5)

Baby doll is almost ready, you should embroider eyes and add some details. You can sew the short hair (though it is not made usually for small kids), and a hat above, and then, when the child is a little older, you can remove the hat.

Waldorf baby doll (6)

I got a lovely little boy doll, although it should be a girl in the beginning, but every doll is individual and this doll had, apparently, its own plans in our world.

Waldorf baby doll (7)

Waldorf baby doll (8)



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