It was my dream for a long time and now it is a reality – I have a lot of felt, I think many women will understand me. I really like it, stitching with it is a pleasure, especially when there is no sewing machine and sewing skills are rather primitive.
So I was thinking about things to make out of felt, and the idea came to my head – stands for mugs. They were very necessary. That time we rented a house and we had in the living room a large table made of beech wood, it was very expensive, by the way. So, every time, when someone put a mug with a wet bottom, there were traces on the table and I was annoying. However, the solution was found, the stands were very cheerful and functional. And then I did the same as a gift to our neighbor.

Things to make out of felt - mug stand (1)

Frankly, the idea is not mine, and it is not new, I found the patterns somewhere on the Internet and I decided to try. I drew the pattern by myself – it’s not complicated at all.

Things to make out of felt - mug stand (2)

For the base I used two parts, first I sewed the white part to one of them, and then sewed them together, adding a leaf and a twig.

Things to make out of felt - mug stand (3)Things to make out of felt - mug stand (4)

As you can see, I got three variants of apples, one is very similar to logo of «Apple», I think fans can make a stand for MacBook with such design or an iPhone case, for example)))

Things to make out of felt - mug stand (5)

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