Here we have a little more complicated version of a still life of fruit for kids, it is suitable for children from 4 to 7 years. To make it interesting for children, you can come up with the story of the picture, for example, about fairytale country, like we have described in previous posts.

Still life for kids (1)

You will need:
1. A3 sheet of paper (you can cut a square)
2. Fruits (dummies or real ones)
3. Gouache (better art one)
4. Brushes of different sizes, a black marker
5. Jar of water, palette, rag to wipe your hands.

Still life for kids (2)

Actually, everything is simple – almost all fruits are round. You need only to recall what color are apples and put them on a plate. Start with the biggest ones.

Still life for kids (3)

Pear is similar to apple (round), just draw another circle of smaller size on the top.

Still life for kids (4)

Paint it over. By the way, lemon is round also, just with ears.

Still life for kids (5)

Banana like a long curved stick. If the brush is wide enough, you can simply paint the line.

You can decorate the table – “lay a cloth”.

Put white color on the palette, wash the brush, then just choose your color and mix. Decorate the tablecloth. You can add other colors.

Still life for kids (6)

But our plate looks sad, something is missing. Put red and blue on the palette and mix. Draw plums in the free space between fruits.

Still life for kids (7)

You can decorate it with cherries, strawberries and so on. Draw with marker a bird cherry tree or you can outline some of the fruit.

Still life for kids (8)

So, we decorate the tablecloth. Make order. Look that we have. Recall what we put on a plate. Mission is accomplished – the holiday is saved. Thank you all.

Still life for kids (9)

Still life for kids (10)

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