Recently, I bought a huge pack of disposable paper plates for crafts, and now I try to find how we can use them. We have made different small animals, surprise egg, and now I discovered that I can cut out of them very convenient stencils for pictures. I want to share a space drawing for kids, made with these stencils:

Space drawing for kids (1)

You need:
Brushes and sponges
Cloth and oilcloth

Space drawing for kids (2)

Unfortunately, I did not capture the process of making stencils, but it is simple enough, I will tell you: took the plates and draw the chosen subject  on them and then neatly cut with a knife. What I particularly liked is the fact that they can be reusable, I had a problem with it before, when paper and even cardboard soaked because of paper, began to leak and I could not reuse it. But plates have exceeded my expectations. I also thought that you can use styrofoam trays for food or plates from the same material.

Space drawing for kids (3)

The technique of drawing is very simple – apply stencil to the sheet and paint with a sponge – and you have the ready picture.

Space drawing for kids (4)

We were so eager to start that we have not thought that we should make the background for our spaceships and planets before, or at least take the colored paper, then the drawing would have been more solid, in my opinion.

Space drawing for kids (5)

Timmy is creating.

Space drawing for kids (6)

This is the result. Rockets travel through the cosmic ocean, a flying saucer UFO appears, there are stars, planets and other celestial bodies of unknown origin, or rather their origin is known only to Timmy, because he is their creator)

Space drawing for kids (7)

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