This is our next craft “experience the world“, or rather its inhabitants. We did these snake crafts for kids out of felt, they are great, children still play with them.

Snake craft for kids (1)

What we used:

colored felt

Snake craft for kids (2)

Those who have worked with felt, know, that for felting you need enough warm water, soap, and sleight of hand, of course. Timmy had a deal with felt for the first time and I can say … they became friends))), we had fun!

Snake craft for kids (3)

We cut pieces of felt and divided it into strands.

Snake craft for kids (4)

I formed a sausage.

Snake craft for kids (5)

And we began to felt: we wet the wool with hot soapy water and rolled on the mat.

Snake craft for kids (6)


Snake craft for kids (7)
Once we rolled up tight sausages, we rinsed them in clean water and dried well.
We continued to work the next day. Using a  felting needle, I made eyes and Timmy put beads on the tail of one of the snakes and we have got a rattlesnake, just like the real one.

Snake craft for kids (8)

And that’s what we’ve got:

Snake craft for kids (9)

And you can play!

Snake craft for kids (10)

Snake craft for kids (11)

In fact, the day was quite interesting and intriguing. In the morning we watched a documentary about snakes:

Then we made the snakes and went traveling. We wanted to visit the cave near San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai. This is quite a large complex of caves and, most interestingly, it appeared,  that according to a legend, a huge snake lived in this cave. It left the cave, when the Buddha and his disciples came there.

Snake craft for kids (12)

We overcame 1000 steps to the top of this mountain (it was hard …), and we found stunning views of the mountains and the valley of Chiang Mai and this peaceful Buddha greeted us.

Snake craft for kids (13)

Look more felting here!

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