These Simple Paper Turtles can be used in many different ways. Stick them on a paper clip and make a bookmark. Attach a magnet and they will be fridge magnets. Make a brooch, pencil topper or whatever you set your mind too.

We were watching a turtle documentary today and we were so amazed to see baby turtles fighting their way to the ocean.
They brought us so much joy and we decided to make a turtle project.
We really love turtles.

They come in different sizes and they date back to the time of the dinosaurs.

Amazing creatures aren’t they?

So lets make a couple.

How to Make Simple Paper Turtles

For this summer activity you will need:
color paper
googly eyes
black liner
circle puncher

Let’s go!

Step by Step Instructions

Punch one circle using the circle puncher.

Outline the circle using the black liner.

On another color, paper draw a turtle shape – a head and legs as shown on the picture.

Cut out that turtle shape.

Outline the head and the legs using the black liner.

Draw two turtle patterns up and down on the circle.

Next draw two turtle patterns on the left, and two on the right side of the circle.

Draw one turtle pattern in the middle of the circle as shown in the picture. The shell is done.

Make the pattern lines bold. Use the black liner.

Apply some glue on the turtle shape.

Glue the circle shell on the turtle shape.

Take two googly eyes and glue them on the face.

Draw a tiny smiling mouth on the face using the black liner.

All done!

Make as many as you like!

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