My daughter is growing up, and soon she will start to make crafts of paper, clay and other materials, but for now she is ready for “childish pranks”. She especially loves playing with grains – to have so-called sensory bath. I tell you how we play and about sensory child development:

Sensory child development (1)

It’s simple:
As a basis you can use any cereals – rice, buckwheat, as well as lentils, peas, small pasta and other edible dry products in any ratio.

Sensory child development (2)

Pour cereals into a container, you can use a small bowl or flat container and hide toys inside, it is better to take small toys of different materials, coatings, and forms – it can be anything you want – small toys, bottle caps, spoons, molds for sand and etc.
That time, I took everything that I found – a ball and a cube, small dinosaur, embossed shells, molds for clay, spoon and small cups (she can pour cereal there).

Sensory child development (3)

Hide all items in the cereal and put the container in front of the child, the main task is to find toys, and then, depending on the age of the child, you can add the additional tasks, such as to call subject’s name, when it is still under the grains, to describe its function, to say is it light or heavy and stuff like that…

Sensory child development (4)

Taya can only find subjects, smile and sometimes taste them, especially the likes to taste “raw” rice, but I do not particularly limit her, she will not eat a lot)))

Sensory child development (5)Sensory child development (6)

Also for sensory development you can use finger paints, which, by the way, you can make by yourself,  I wrote about it.

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