Scratch is a technique of non-traditional drawing, when you draw a picture by scratching the paper, which is pre-coated with wax and is filled with ink. Pictures in the technique differ by contrast lines of the drawing and black background.
In this article, we will tell you how to prepare a list for drawing and show a simple pattern in this technique, which will be easy even for the child of 3 years old.

Scratch drawing (1)

You will need:
A3 sheet of paper
Thick brush
Jar with water

Scratch drawing (2)

If you want to get the contrast of black and white colors, then skip this step and leave the white sheet. If not, then paint it with watercolors of different colors and let it dry.

Scratch drawing (3)

After complete drying of the paint cover the sheet with the candle wax.

Scratch drawing (4)

Mix ink with soap and paint the sheet.

Scratch drawing (5)

Now I suggest you to draw a colorful firework. To do this, prepare stencils of stars and sharp objects for scratching of the pattern, for example, a pen without ink or set for sculpting with clay or different plastic knives.

Scratch drawing (6)

It is better to lay old newspapers under the work sheet.

Scratch drawing (7)

Start scratching out a silhouette of the city, you can experiment with shapes and stripes.

Scratch drawing (8)

Now scratch out the stars with the stencils.

Scratch drawing (9)

Add lines to the stars and draw the additional items.

Scratch drawing (10)

If you have the desire to see the scratching technique – I found a good, informative video:


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