Sand games for kids do not necessarily have to be limited by mud pies and sand castles, you can create a whole world or a farm animal, just like we did.

Sand games for kids (1)

Walking around the house with the children, we have collected a lot of “building material” for future farm – twigs, stones, flowers, large and small leaves, shells and a block, which can be a barn or house.

Sand games for kids (2)

We started construction and made houses, decorated space around, planted trees and flowers.

Sand games for kids (3)

This is a pond with shells, there is a swimming dolphin and a resting turtle.

Sand games for kids (4)

Maybe you think that it was a silly idea, but I can say that my children were really interesting and had fun. Maybe also because we did all these things together and I told something about the animals, nature and construction and the children were fascinated.

Sand games for kids (5)

Sand games for kids (6)

When construction was completed, we settled animals that were made the day before and they had been on the shelf and bored.

Sand games for kids (7)

Sand games for kids (8)

The children played in the sandbox for a few hours, rebuilt something and brought new toys. And then about a week they were not dismantling the building and periodically returned to the game.

Sand games for kids (9)

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