And then I made a family of rabbits – mother , father and son, they are happy to chew the grass and enjoy the warm sunshine!
Children also liked the process – Timmy tried to arrange rabbit races, and my little daughter even tasted them.
By the way, what do you do with origami figures? In general, what can be done? We must come up with something… interesting))  Maybe paper theater?

Rabbit origami diagram (1)

Here is a rabbit origami diagram:
As a basis you should take the square and then just follow the photos. If something is not clear, I will be glad to answer in the comments.

rabbit origami diagram

Only a few steps left…

rabbit origami diagram

Here they are – Mom and Dad! While I was doing a little rabbit, my son placed a lego-man on the ready rabbit!

Rabbit origami diagram (4)

And here on the lawn we meet the rabbit family!

Rabbit origami diagram (5)

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