You can think a big variety of topics of appliques and complexity can also be different – from the simplest (consisted of several geometric shapes) to the very complex, even three-dimensional. That day I wanted to be a little girl, (it happens to me) and I got these lovely dancing ballerinas-princesses. I think it is an interesting princess applique for girls. As you can see there is a combination of applique technique and painting with colors, that makes it special. And now the details:

Princess applique (1)

You will need:
Colored paper
Pens or pencils
Paints and brushes

Princess applique (2)

Imagine yourself a fashion designer and create a unique and extraordinary dress for your princess. First, cut out the first layer of a bell-shaped skirt and gradually add different elements – lace, flowers. You can draw something or even add fabric or satin ribbons, in general, you should be in a “flight of fancy”.

Princess applique (3)

These are my dresses. Now go to the art part – I drew the face and hand of the princess with paints. But, first, draw a outline with a pencil and glue dresses – fix them on a sheet of paper. Now, looking at the work from the outside, I think, that dresses could have been done bigger. Although… princesses… they are dancing)))

Princess applique (4)

Draw a sketch with a pencil.

Princess applique (5)

Yeah. The final is near.

Princess applique (6)

Most of the work is done – the princesses are in the dresses, faces shine, hair are waving in dance. There is space around to fill.

Princess applique (7)

I drew a dance floor – the hall of the castle and glued colorful butterflies, flying around.

Princess applique (8)

That’s the positive applique. I think you can make out of it a card for a friend or mom!

Princess applique (9)

Princess applique (10)

For inspiration, look this video about princesses:

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