Birthday child is always an important event in the life of parents! I want to note it especially to emphasize its importance. Each family celebrates it in its own way, some arrange dinner with relatives and best friends, some celebrate with lots of noisy guests, some go on vacation, some celebrate in a kids’ club or theater with real actors! There is a lot of options, so everyone can find something to their liking.
The next day after the birth of our daughter we decided to celebrate at home, invite friends with children and arrange a children’s party. We organized a game for children, they became wizards and had adventures, solve puzzles and disenchanted the birthday cake that was stolen by an evil wizard. Believe me, we had fun! There were treats, dancing, gifts for the guests… And, of course, we tried to decorate our home to create a festive atmosphere and emphasize the theme of our holiday – a world of fairies and wizards. I drew a poster for a child’s birthday, there is my idea:

Poster birthday ideas (1)

I selected and printed photos of my daughter, from birth till 2 years, with an interval of about 3-4 months.

Poster birthday ideas (2)

Placed them in chronological order:

Poster birthday ideas (3)

I have to say that I do not have an artistic talent, so do not judge strictly! I tried to embody the style (if you can call it ) of drawing, which I saw somewhere once. I painted spots and finish edges with a pen or pencil. I drew little flower fairies, who fly back and forth around my princess and that’s what I got:

Poster birthday ideas (4)

Poster birthday ideas (5)

Poster birthday ideas (6)


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