This idea is not new, but it is always interesting – homemade puzzle, made of popsicle sticks, children from one to three years old will absolutely like it. I did the puzzle for my daughter, she is one and a half years, but my son is also interested and combined it a few times, but he is almost four years old. I like that you can make it really quick and easy, you can do it original, gluing the child’s photo or pictures of favorite cartoon characters.

Popcicle stick craft (1)

You will need:
Popcicle sticks
Picture, photo or drawing

Popcicle stick craft (2)

Prepare the picture and cut it to size of sticks. I took the picture from a torn and 100 times re-read children’s book.

Popcicle stick craft (3)

Apply glue to the back of the picture and accurately attach the sticks, so that they fit tightly together. Leave them to dry.

Popcicle stick craft (4)

When the glue is completely dry, cut your puzzle with office knife. I advise to put thick cardboard underneath to prevent damage to the surface of the table. I cut every two sticks, so that the image will be easier for the kid to combine, but you can make it more difficult  and cut each stick.

Popcicle stick craft (5)

This is the finished puzzle made with my own hands.

Popcicle stick craft (6)

Popcicle stick craft (7)

As a result of my craft, other ideas of handicrafts made of sticks were born, for example, you can make people, gluing costumes out of cardboard and  drawing a face with felt-tip pen, you can even make them hair out of threads. And then you can make a puppet theater.

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