My wonderful children called my horses pony! Only later I realized why, because of a cartoon “My little pony” – Friendship is a miracle. The cartoon is very nice and kind, the action takes place in a magical land, where pony, pegasi, unicorns, alicorn and other mythical creatures inhabit. All of them make magic and they always get into some interesting stories. Frankly, I like this cartoon and my children even more…

Pony DIY

So, how I sewed the pony :

Initially, I sewed horses, but a pony unicorn is a little similar also. I used felt, you can use fleece also.

Pony DIY1

Here you can download and print patterns.

Cut out two main parts – the body and head – and 4 legs. The pattern, unfortunately , does not include one more circle, which is necessary to sew at the base of the foot. It will make a horse stable so it is able to stand without support.

Pony DIY2

As for the mane and tail, I tried two variants – yarn and felt. In my opinion yarn is more durable and felt is more attractive.  probably , yarn is better for children, it does not deform during washing and keeps its original appearance. I sewed a few strands with one stitch, using reverse seam.

Pony DIY3

Legs are sewn like hinge with buttons, so they can move in different directions.

Pony DIY4

These nice pony I made with my own hands ! And if you sew the wings, you will get the Pegasus!

Pony DIY Pony DIY5

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