Most recently, I made puzzles for the children, using a picture from an old and slightly torn book. I like the idea and I decided to develop it. Today, we have made with Timmy pictures of cereals and clay, using old book pages.

Pictures of cereal (1)

You will need:
Different cereals or legumes

Pictures of cereal (2)

At the first stage it is necessary to cover the picture with clay. It is not necessary to cut the books, you can print the coloring or draw a simple picture by yourself. You should spread a thin layer of clay inside the circuit. To make it more elastic you can warm up with hands and knead well.

Pictures of cereal (3)
You can do only this, if you like it. But you can proceed to the second stage and make the appliqué of different cereals. We used the beans, corn and sesame.

Pictures of cereal (4)

To make your picture more expressive, especially if you have chosen a picture of animal or nature, diversify the palette with different natural materials: seeds, cereals, pasta, flour, plant seeds and dried flowers.

Pictures of cereal (5)

That’s a relief pattern of natural materials. If your child enjoy this activity, you can complicate the pictures, make new patterns – create masterpieces and decorate your room.

Pictures of cereal (6)

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