We decided to make the paper theater, and this paper people craft was born – meet them!
And below I will tell you all the tricks of the making…

Paper people craft (1)

What do you need:
Colored paper

Paper people craft (2)

Take a sheet of colored paper. Leave a side strip of 1-2 cm (1”) for the glue.

Paper people craft (3)

Now you have to divide the sheet into 4 parts, of course, you can do it with a ruler, but I suggest another way.

Fold the sheet in half and half again. You get 4 different parts, as we wanted.

Paper people craft (4)

Now turn around.

Paper people craft (5)

Fold a sheet in the form of box and glue the left strip. We’ve got the base of a man. Now you have to come up with his clothes, face, hair, or a hat, it depends on its future role. Maybe he will play a special role in your performance or you can use the characteristics of your friends or family members.

Paper people craft (6)

See what we got:

Paper people craft (7)
I glued a strip of yellow paper for about half the length of the base, which Timmy colored with markers – it’s pants.

Paper people craft (8)

Fold a rectangle four times and glue it, you will get the nose. Draw eyes and mouth.
We also made a tie and a hat.

Paper people craft (9)

And here is the entire company.

Paper people craft (10)

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