Panda – maybe everybody likes it, this big bear is so cute. Also my son, for some time he was dreaming about pandas. We decided to study them more…
Pandas live in the mountains of China.
They eat mostly bamboo, they can eat up to 30 kg a day.
They give birth to children in the bamboo thickets.
Pandas are disappearing from the wild… There are about 1,600 pandas  now… how sad…

Panda applique (1)

We decided to make a panda applique, so that they would never disappear from the earth …

Panda applique (2)
The body of the panda is white, only paws, ears and circles around the eyes are black. We cut out parts of a paper.

Panda applique (3)

We glued parts together one by one and we got a panda!

Panda applique (4)
Also we learned to draw a panda – here’s how to do it in stages.

For a more detailed study of the pandas, together with the child, I recommend the documentary movie about pandas:

Well, of course, you should see a wonderful cartoon, a panda is in the title role – Kung Fu Panda.

Also interesting: