Recently, I was fascinated by origami – it is folding paper figures. It is really a very interesting process, it is a bit like meditation, when you are so much immersed in the action, that the mind is completely in the process and nothing has a value. But you just sit and fold paper in reality. The first thing I did – this origami cat, I will give instructions below.

Origami cat instructions (1)

Prepare a square sheet of paper, the size depends on your desire.

I had a square of 17 to 17 cm (7*7”). Make it according to the scheme, and I will give some explanation, but I think, that everything is clear.

Origami cat instructions1
Fold the square in half on the diagonal.
Lateral angles symmetrically fold to the bottom.
Turn the bottom corners up – they are the future ears.

Origami cat instructions

Now turn the bottom edge and turn around the craft.
Tuck in the sides and turn the bottom corner up.
Fold the last corner and your origami cat is ready.

Origami cat instructions (4)

Draw a face, the cat can wash a face, yawn, sleep or prepare to hunt …. My pussy enjoys… Murrrr …)))

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