Now we live quite faraway from our grandparents and other relatives, so we cannot congratulate them in person on Mother’s Day. But this is not a reason to delay congratulations, because you can do it online)))

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift for grandmother, we have just made it! Happy Holidays!
It is a little dirty, but funny and even cute)

Mother's day gift for grandmother (1)

We’re out of finger paints and we painted with the usual ones – to wash them away is very hard, I tell you.

Mother's day gift for grandmother (2)

The decision to create this image was quite spontaneous. First, I invited my children to paint without me and gave them the paints and a sheet of paper. But, kids wanted to paint with me. And then I got the idea of this picture, similar to a Christmas tree of handprints.

Mother's day gift for grandmother (3)

Taya, of course, liked it very much!
Timmy also has tried to paint the area around the bouquet, but we had few paints in the palette.

Mother's day gift for grandmother (4)

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