Mandala is a Sanskrit word, meaning “circle” and symbolizing the universe, it is used in various practices and rituals. Mandala is strong magic craft, if it was made with love and good thoughts.
You can draw a mandala – on paper , stone or sand, you can cut it out of wood or metal, and even weave from the threads like in our workshop.

Making a mandala - workshop (1)

Making a mandala DIY from the threads, you should take wood sticks (4 pieces) and thread (you can use cotton, synthetic or wool).
It is important to understand the principle of making a mandala, and then, I’m sure, you will like it and should only trust your creativity
So, take two sticks, put them together in parallel and wrap thread right in the middle a few times. Then turn sticks perpendicular to each other and wrap the thread diagonally, as long as they are securely attached and form a rectangular corners.
Now learn the most important and basic way of weaving, it is quite simple and all the detailed steps you will see in the photo below and I’ll explain a little bit:
Always go in a clockwise direction, and put a thread on the right stick and just wrap it around, the thread goes above and returns above the stick…

Making a mandala - workshop (2)

Again, put this thread on the next right stick  and wrap it around a stick.

Making a mandala - workshop (3)

Making a mandala - workshop (4)

When you finish and want to change the color, tie a knot on the stick and cut, leave the tip of 4-5 cm (2”), wrapping it along the stick, so your mandala will be firm.

Making a mandala - workshop (5)

Each thread should lay even with the previous one, then you get a beautiful mandala.

Next, you have to make two center square of each pair of sticks and they should be the same size.

Making a mandala - workshop (6)

Now we have the big stage, you have to fasten together two crosses:

tie the tip of a thread on one of the sticks,

put sticks  like a right cross

and begin wrap an each stick, you will need about 4 wrappings to firmly secure them.

Making a mandala - workshop (7)

And now, the main ways of weaving:
Star: if you want to make an eight-pointed star in mandala, you should wrap, skipping every 2 sticks. I will explain it more detail – you tie a thread to one of the sticks, now lead it under the two right sticks and wrap around the third one and so on.

Making a mandala - workshop (8)

And you will get such a star on the back:

Making a mandala - workshop (9)

Square:  to create a square, you should wrap every other stick, the thread can be put above or under the sticks.

Making a mandala - workshop (10)

Making a mandala - workshop (11)

Do not forget that each mandala has definite information! You can think of a good when you weave a mandala, you can wish happiness a person for whom you are making it, you can listen to good music. Or conversely you can with in the mandala any problem or question, and soon it will definitely be resolved.

Making a mandala - workshop (12)

I wish you happiness!

Making a mandala - workshop (13)

That was the process)))

Making a mandala - workshop (14)

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