Today I’ll show you how to make sidewalk paint. It’s really interesting and it is fun for children to draw on the street, of course, you can use the traditional crayons, but as I know, many children prefer paints. For those who are afraid to try for some reason, I must say that the colors are completely harmless, they are easily washed off from sidewalk and the child’s skin and clothing, and to draw with them is a pleasure. And now I tell you the recipe:

Make sidewalk paint (1)

You will need:
A glass of hot water
Half cup of cornmeal
A few drops of liquid soap or washing-up liquid
Food dyes of different colors (you can use paints (such as distemper) or natural dyes (such as beetroot or carrot juice, blueberry)

Make sidewalk paint (2)

Mix water and flour, do not remain lumps, I made it in a blender.

Make sidewalk paint (3)

Pour into cups and add coloring. Try to make suitable density of the resulting mass, it should be like dough for pancakes.

Make sidewalk paint (4)

That’s a positive look at our paints.

Make sidewalk paint (5)

The first image was by me :)))

Make sidewalk paint (6)

Then the kids started to create :)))

Make sidewalk paint (7)

Make sidewalk paint (8)

Pictures were washed away by overnight rain, but we all were satisfied) All day we enjoyed colorful children pictures.

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