My son like many other boys likes the cartoon “Cars” and its main character – Lightning McQueen. If he sees clothes or books with this image in the store, he immediately asks to buy, and sometimes I do, but not always. When my son asked me to make Lightning McQueen crafts, I was in a kind of confusion, but I made this craft:

Lightning McQueen crafts (1)

How I did it:
I decided to sew a small charm for a backpack, there you can also put the label with the name of the owner. The basic material is felt, I love to work with it. Drew a sketch on paper, looking at the picture and then I cut out the details. It turned out pretty similar, in my opinion, and Timmy loved it.

Lightning McQueen crafts (2)

Lightning McQueen crafts (3)

I have attached rubber band and got this key chain for Timmy’s backpack, by the way, the backpack also has the image of McQueen…
Now Timmy is asking to make Mater, I keep its image for future here)))

Lightning McQueen crafts (4)

And then your dear children can enjoy this video:

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