Hi! I’m Kalyani! Here I tell you a little about myself and my life on this beautiful planet – Earth!

I believe in miracles, elves, dwarves and other fairy tale characters. I love the swing, mountains and forests, the rustle of leaves underfoot, small birds and gentle cats, my favorite tree is cedar, and my favourite flower is purple orchid, and I really love the snow when it falls with large flakes and covers all around, and it’s everywhere, even on the eyelashes – it’s so magical! I love coffee, milk and pancakes with honey. My favorite color is green, maybe in a past life I was a tree with large leaves … But most of all I love our children, and the person to whom I am grateful for them – my husband – Arseny. We are the perfect couple, he is the cosmos, and I am the chaos and we complement each other.

doi intanon chiang mai 2012

Our son, Timmy, is 3 years old, he is a bit naughty, but he goes through life with confidence. Our little princess Tais  is one year – her tenderness and sensitivity opens our hearts and fills them with love.
I do not work in the office and other places, but I can’t call myself a housewife. I’m a wife and mother, and it is most important for me! And if you ask me: “Are you happy?”. I reply: “Yes, I’m really happy and I don’t want to change anything in my life!”

doi sutep chiang mai

This blog is dedicated to our common hobby with children – crafts for kids. It is called TTcrafts after our children Timmy and Taya!  I don’t have special artistic ability, but I am drawn to creativity and my children help me to express myself. We grow together! I promise to share with you our ideas and achievements, and write a little about our everyday life, because I am surrounded by beautiful things and happy people, and I have something to share. I wish you endless happiness and some inspiration for me!

sunset tailand