We have made sure that the paint gouache is best for drawing with children, especially with little ones – it is inexpensive, non-toxic, easy to wash off, and it is a big pleasure to paint. Below you will find out how to paint with gouache, how to prolong its use and keep it for a long time.

How to paint with gouache

1. Colors can get dirty, if a child, fascinated by mixing colors, dunks brushes in a jar, forgetting to wash them. If it is possible, carefully remove the thin layer of stained paint from a can and mix the rest.

2. If the paint has dried, if it does not stick to the brush, so it’s time to soak. Add a little warm water in the jar, leave for the night, then mix thoroughly.
3. If the paint is covered with mold – remove the top layer and mix. In order to prevent this, scrape all the paint off the walls, level surface and pour a drop of vegetable oil, so you protect the paint from drying out and mold.
4. If the paint is already spoiled – get rid of it.
5. Jars themselves can get dirty, then badly twisted, are spilled in the bags. So periodically rinse them, especially if your baby used them.
6. And the most unpleasant – the paint can end. I must say, it does not end all at once, usually 2-3 jars. The most popular colors are yellow and white. So, what to do, buy a new set? If your baby is seriously engaged in painting you need to buy the most popular shades in big jars and replenish stocks.Colors are sold also in small jars separately, but the price is higher. The choice is yours.

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