I have recently known how to make finger paints at home and I decided to try. It turned out that everything that I need is in my kitchen.
I want to share with you some recipes that are completely harmless and edible, and, of course, I want to share my personal experience and advice. It is easy to buy finger paints, but to make them by yourself is even easier…

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I tried two different recipes, here are my impressions:
Finger paint recipe number 1:
If you look at the picture above, you can see 2 jars with purple and pink colors, they were more homogeneous and they better lay down on paper, but it was a little harder to clean.
Recipe: 0.5 kg of flour, 5 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil (it gives a beautiful shine) and water (you need the consistency of thick cream).
Mix all ingredients in a bowl – you should make a homogeneous mass, slightly thicker than the dough for pancakes. Now put the mixture in different jars and add the dye to each one. I tried a few options.
How to dye finger paints:
The easiest way is to use ready-made paints, non-toxic for children. It can be a gouache or tempera. I dyed the purple one – I used one small tube of tempera, it is very simply and color is good, homogeneous.

Dyeing with wax crayons. I tried this way and I did not like it, because there is a lot of fuss, you should grate crayons, melt, mix quickly with the base, unless they begin to harden again and lumps appear.

Dyeing with food dyes. For example, you can use a set for Easter. It is a good way. The most ecological way is dyeing with natural dyes, such as carrot, beet, pumpkin juices… So I chose this way for the future.

Finger paint recipe number 2:
You can see green and blue colors (both are colored with wax crayons shavings)
Dissolve 2 cup of starch in 3 cups of cold water. Now put the mixture on a slow fire. Stir until everything becomes a thick gelatinous mass. Turn off the heat and wait until it is cool. Add a quarter of cup of liquid soap – so the paint can be washed off easily.

Now, as it was mentioned above, pour it into jars and dye.

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We now turn to creativity… You can draw in different ways. For example, you can leave naked children unattended, give them paint and paper (you can do it on the floor))) and you can go to have tea, and then go back and admire the incredibly beautiful pictures. However, this method is extreme and is not suitable for all parents.

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In any case, the children will be happy)))

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