It is still difficult to sculpt figures with clay when your kid is just 1-2 years old. It is easier to stick it. I suggest an interesting game with the child that will develop imagination and creativity and also you will learn how to make clay craft.

How to make clay craft (1)

You will need:
Felt-tip pens

How to make clay craft (2)
First, think of the story for the game, it should be something simple and familiar to the child.
I drew an aquarium on a piece of blue paper and proposed to settle fish there. I had already made clay balls the size of 5-7 cm. We pressed them with fingers and got the fish.

How to make clay craft (3)
The second version of our clay game is “feed the chicken”. Prepare clay balls of yellow and brown colors – “grains” for chickens. Draw chickens and the field for them, you can use toys. Now we feed the chickens with tasty grains.

How to make clay craft (4)
“Co-co-co. I want to eat! “- said the hen. She loves grains. Let’s feed the chicken. Here’s grain. The chicken has eaten and says: “Co-co-co! Thank you … (name of child). I loved the seeds.”

How to make clay craft (5)

Another versions of modeling clay for kids:
Feed the dog, you can draw a bowl and feed the toy dog
It’s snowing – make white snowflakes
Draw an apple tree and stick red apples
You can print the coloring and decorate it with clay
And at last there is a lesson how you can do a clay craft:

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