The child asks you to buy a pet for a long time? Why not? It’s so important for the child to take care of somebody and to learn to be responsible.
Today I will show you how to make an aquarium at home together with your child and how to settle there a happy fish. I am sure that  the child will not lose interest in the aquarium and will pay attention to the new pet.

How to make aquarium at home (1)

You will need:
A large clear plastic canister or container
Non-water-soluble and non-toxic paints and a brush
Shells, stones, corals

How to make aquarium at home (2)
Wash and dry the container for the future aquarium . The easiest option is to use a 5.6-liter can of water. It is necessary to cut the upper edge and make them flat. It’s great to decorate it a little bit, for example, to paint – so we did.

It will be much more comfortable and more fun for your fish when you decorate its new home with shells and pebbles.

Puts shells on the bottom of the tank and pour water (better to use filtered water).

How to make aquarium at home (3)

Put fish there, and preferably two, for the company. It will be good if you put there special aquatic plants.

That’s how it is swimming in the new house.

How to make aquarium at home (4)

And do not forget to feed them!

How to make aquarium at home (5)

Do not bother it too much!
And here is a quick guide to caring for a home aquarium:
Keep the water clean
Feed your fish every day
Do not allow the feed to lay on the bottom, it will lead to rapid contamination of water.
Make the observation of the behavior and appearance of the fish and of the plant growth (the result is desirable to record in a notebook)
Place the aquarium in a well-lighted place.

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