The idea how to make animals out of paper was completely spontaneous, no training, but it was very nice – we even made a mini-zoo. The next time we decided to make friends from the cartoon “Madagascar” – a lion, zebra, giraffe and hippo.

How to make animals out of paper (1)

And now we tell you how to make such crafts of paper and paperboard:
Technique of making is easy – just look at the first picture, all you need is to fold in half a small piece of paper and draw the outline of any animal, do not forget where to cut, because in case of a mistake, you can get the two halves, but not the entire animal.
Interestingly, that the animals are 3D, they can stand, you can play with them.
It is better to use cardboard or very heavy paper.
Please note that the animals can be folded in two ways – horizontally, when a back is up, for example, rhino, crocodile, lion, and vertically – giraffe and tiger, in this case, we turn down the animal’s head.

How to make animals out of paper (2)

Timmy painted animal eyes, mouth and other details. He told me, what animal he wanted, and waited with interest until I cut the new animal with my scissors.

How to make animals out of paper (3)

We had a great time, and I wish you the same)))

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