I think that recently I got more and more fall into childhood! Before, I just liked to sew toys, but now I want to play with them, even sometimes do not want to give it to the children… Do you think it is normal?
So, I have conceived to sew unusual collection of dolls – Indian doll, elf doll in saris and a few other original ones. First, I made a ballerina, and now I am going to tell you how to make a felt doll:

How to make a felt doll (1)

I drew patterns by myself, the body composition is a little non-standard – it has too long neck and narrow waist, but that’s how I imagine a ballerina. I used two parts for the body with the head, two parts for one leg and one part for the arm.

How to make a felt doll (2)

Then you just need to cut parts out of felt, leaving allowance is not necessary, because we are not going to twist the stitched details.

How to make a felt doll (3)

Then carefully sew, you can use a thread of the same color or another – it is not sufficient during the work with felt. I stuffed cotton inside, not loosely. Look how I sewed the hand – I rounded the shoulder, because it looked more naturally.

How to make a felt doll (4)

Sew legs with one thread, sew through it and back, pull together and tie the two ends.

How to make a felt doll (5)

That’s the naked madam.

How to make a felt doll (6)

Sew doll clothes. I made a skirt – I tied strips of organza to a small hair elastic. Then I painted shoes with acrylic paint and sewed ribbons. Sewed the little heart made of satin, I decided that the doll’s ready, I did not want to wear jacket.

How to make a felt doll (7)

I chose the simplest way to make hair – I cut pieces of yarn of the same length and sewed them to the head in the center, and along the hairline.

How to make a felt doll (8)

Here is the ballerina doll at a photo shoot in our garden.

How to make a felt doll (9)

Taya meets new girlfriend.

How to make a felt doll (10)

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