What do you need to know about gouache paints?
In my opinion, painting with gouache is a good start to learn, since this material is relatively inexpensive, and the work is interesting. Shops offer a great variety of kits and jars with gouache.
Gouache can be divided into 3 groups: children’s, decorating and art. Each group, as usual, has its pros and cons.

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Children gouache is usually sold in sets of 6-12 colors. Decoration of boxes is bright. After drying it whitens. Sometimes I think that the producers of gouache do not remember that it should be mixed. The maximum number of colors to mix is two, if more – you will get dirt. Small jars have pros and cons. On the one hand, if the child is very small, he is likely to start to mix all the colors and spoil them, but on the other hand, the children like to use a lot of material, so such small jars limit them. This gouache is not suitable for the systematic drawing and coloring pictures.
Decorative gouache

Sold in large jars up to 1 kg. Colors are bright and vibrant. The pigment has usually poor quality, so it is mixed badly and badly washed off. I use it with children up to 4 years. I squeeze it on the palette and add if necessary during the activities. By the way, tube is more convenient, large open cans dry, mold and are not very convenient.
Art gouache

Sold in sets of 12 colors, as well as in large jars. There is a wide variety of shades, colors are mixed well. These paints are the highest quality and are designed for the painting with children from 4-5 years.Their price is higher.

Of course, there are exceptions. One day I offered an experiment to children. The purpose was to show the difference between art and children’s gouache. The result was surprising. There were nice pictures with children’s gouache and art gouache “forgery”.
How to check the quality of gouache paints? Mix them on the palette or paper:

1) yellow and blue paints should turn green

2) The red and blue are supposed to turn purple. The purer the colors, the better.

The quality of mixing: children’s, decorative, art

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Covering capacity: children, decorative, art

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Create with pleasure!

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