There is a brilliant gouache art drawing lesson for children from 2.5 to 5 years, it is brilliant because it is very simple and yet so incredibly valuable for the children, and paintings from little artists are so magical.
At first teach your kid to draw lines in a given direction from left to right, from right to left, top to bottom and vice versa, so until the age of 4 years.

Gouache art (1)

Look at the picture of a meadow of flowers, the grass is high up to the sky, and the flowers are yellow and red. Encourage your child to draw their own meadow with flowers.

1.The sky
For a start, we will draw good weather. So, take a wide flat brush (you can take a paint one), squeezing the blue paint on the palette. Show the child how to draw the horizontal lines. Encourage your child to play with brushes. The child can draw lines across the sheet or at the bottom, so far as his hand reaches out, you can turn the page later.  During the process, add a little white color in the blue paint, so the work will be more picturesque.

Gouache art (2)

2. Grass.
Give your child a narrower brush. Squeeze out the green paint. Show how to draw a line from the top down, let the child draw the grass along the entire edge of the sheet. Add a little yellow or blue paint.

Gouache art (3)
3. Flowers.
Show pictures of flowers, offer to do the picture more beautiful, cheerful. Squeeze out the red paint on a palette. Show how to draw flowers by touching the paper with brush. First, with a big one, then you can take a small one.
4. Clean the workplace.
5. Put on the floor the pictures of a child and illustrations that were used in the beginning of the lesson. Admire, compare and discuss with your child.

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