Age from birth to three years is the most important period in the development of the person, the age of the most rapid growth, both physical and mental. The development of speech, the ability to consciously speak is especially important in this period.

In the first year of life the vocal responses appear, articulation apparatus develops, there are about 10 first words (mama, baba and so on).
In the second year of life the child is actively accumulating vocabulary, he cannot say everything, but he can understand a lot, can comply with some requests of adults (give me, show me, bring me). Understanding comes a few months ahead of the ability to say words. The child begins to learn to associate words like “mama, give me”, it is not always correct, but it is quite clear.
In the third year of life the child really starts to communicate. He asks a lot of questions: “What is it?”, “Why?”, “Where?”, “When?”. Child’s vocabulary is more than 1,000 words. By the end of the third year the child can tell you what he saw and what he learned. But still he can replace some sounds, such as [r] and [l] to [j] and [sh] to [s].

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You can help your child to begin speaking promptly, correctly and clearly:
Talk to the baby from the birth
Do exercises for the development of fine motor skills
Make finger exercises
Play the games to develop fine motor skills – read our article:

Educational games for children from one to three years

Take the sack or bag and put there various interesting little things, such as a watch, an empty jar of hand cream, small toys, toothbrushes, clothes pegs, etc. Kid likes to take them and put back. If the child can speak, ask him to touch and guess the subject.
You can make different interesting patterns and geometric shapes – square, diamond, star, sun, you can even draw a picture of matches, cotton sticks, buttons, pebbles and acorns. Here’s an idea of the button craft for kids:

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Game with sand – “Fairytale path”

Build a few houses of matches on the table and ask your child to sprinkle sand (or grain) on the track from one house to another. Show how to take the sand with three fingers and gently pour.
Good game on the street is to feed the birds with grain or bread crumbs.

Making the beads of pasta

The main thing in this game is to put something on a string through the hole. It can be special store-bought wooden beads or ordinary pasta, painted in different colors, buttons, old pens, etc. You can make beads out of paper of different shapes. So, you have a lot of options, it is desirable that the child does not just put the things on the string, but also keep the sequence, such as by color or shape. And of course, you can make present for mom or grandma!

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Playing in the kitchen

Kitchen is a real kingdom for creation, as there is a lot of fun for your child, you can knead the dough and paint with finger paints and cook.
One of the most interesting activities is a game with different cereals. Pour cereals in a vessel: beans, peas, rice, and let the kid rub in the hands, sprinkle, shift. Older children can sort the peas and beans.

You can hide the toys in a large bowl with cereal and the baby can find it.
You can cook an improvised ”soup” together, the child can learn how to add salt, stir, pour, and feed toys.

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Draw patterns

Take a flat bowl with high sides or a shoe box and pour there thin layer of any small groats. Make a line with a finger, draw together the patterns, the sun, the Christmas tree, a house.

Playing with blocks

Of blocks you can build a lot of interesting things, such as houses, roads, fence, table, chair and more complex shapes. This develops not only the motility of hands, but the spatial imagination.

Playing with water

Teach your child to pour water out of the cup in the another cup, you can add color pieces of ice, or he can pour water into a glass from the tap. He can catch floating toys from the basin, at first with hand, then with a sieve or a fishing rod. Older children can pour water with a spoon.

Teach your child to pour water into the syringe and sprinkle rubber toys. Play with sponges and scourers, squeeze out and collect water.

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Lacing for children

Now you can buy a lot of lacing in the stores or make them by yourself at home. This game is very interesting for the kid, he can pass the string  through the holes or attach different objects, for example, to attach an apple or a fungus on a hedgehog or leaves on a tree.

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Playing with clothespins

Show clothes pins to a child, tell him where are the “legs”, where is the “mouth.” The most simple game is to attach clothespins to a stretched string or the edge of the box. But you can cut  different figures out of cardboard, such as the sun and the rays, or the hedgehog, or the Christmas tree. Then you can teach a child to hang small items, such as scarves or socks on a rope with two hands. Also you can make different crafts:

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Magic ball

Teach your baby to make a ball of woolen yarn. In the center you can hide the toy and it will be a surprise)))

In fact, I have already published so many interesting things for children of different ages, you can find them by searching the categories in the right margin of the screen.

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