We have realized an interesting idea how funny and easy to draw pictures with little kids. A simple “scribble” with finger colors you can transform into a gift, for example, for dad or grandma, using our little secret.

Funny easy to draw pictures (1)

And here is the secret:
Usually we give the child white sheets to paint. But what would happen if we attach a bit of white paper adhesive tape on the sheet, the child most likely does not even notice it. And how cool we can get a result.

Funny easy to draw pictures (2)

I wrote the word “Daddy” with adhesive tape and stick a few hearts of different sizes. Now all the work is for Taya, our little artist. I gave her three paints – red, yellow and white, I wanted the picture to be tender and bright.

Funny easy to draw pictures (3)

Taya painted with a brush and hands – it is more interesting.

Funny easy to draw pictures (4)Funny easy to draw pictures (5)

Well, the drawing is ready, now let’s wait until it dries and we will peel off the tape.

Funny easy to draw pictures (6)

Here it is done. I think it would be interesting to do animal or tree applique, or it is possible to study the letters in such a way, for example.

Funny easy to draw pictures (7)

Learning different colors with a toddler, you can use the poems and songs for better memorization and visualization. During the game, children will memorize the verses and then tell them by himself.

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