From the early months of my first child’s life I noticed that he likes some toys more and others do not interest him. Sometimes you can buy a very soft, high-quality branded toy for a decent amount of money, and it would not have been such a success as a favorite rattle (a plastic bottle with pasta and colored papers inside). So, I have been trying to make toys by myself, preferring ecology, safety and simplicity. Of course, we purchase toys, but to be honest, toys, made ​​and stitched by me, never conceded.
When my daughter was born, the era of primitive dolls and plush bunnies came. I want to share with you patterns and the process of making of a baby doll, one of the most beloved dolls my daughter. The doll is made on the basis of the Waldorf technique and is good for toddlers from birth.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (1)

You will need :
Cotton or fleece fabric for the body
Knitwear of skin color for the head
Felt (not spinning wool)
Thread and needle
Sintepon or felt (to fill a doll body)
Patterns, printed or drawn on paper

On these photos you can see the pattern of my size dolls, you can print this and this photo or draw your pattern on the paper, using my measurements. I will share my secret – sometimes when I do not have the ability or desire to print, I just put a blank sheet of paper to the monitor and, as in the good old days, copy the drawing, pre-exposing my desired size.

So, cut 2 pieces, leaving a seam allowance of about 1 cm. Staple, leaving a hole for the head. You can immediately fill arms and legs with synthetic padding – so our doll will have the form.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (4)

Head is the most important part of the body, not only for us, but also for our doll. We will do it using Waldorf technique. We make the head dense enough, this gives the child an approximate connection to reality .
As a basis I take the yarn, wound into a skein, wrap it with felt to make the head perfectly flat and smooth. On my photo the whole process, it seems to me, is presented in sufficient detail and description.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (5)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (6)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (7)

I think I should tell a little about the size of the head. In this project, the diameter of the head is roughly 13-15 cm. If you are using other parameters of the body, then simply apply the head to the body and look how it fits in size.
Once you have wrapped the skein with felt and the magnitude of the head fits the body, wrap the neck with yarn or thick thread a few times and tie.

Now you need a flesh-colored knitwear. You will need to cut out 2 pieces (front and inside) to the size of the head, they will resemble a sock. As you have noticed, I do use a child sock for internal layer. You can easily follow my example, if your sock cannot be seen through the front fabric and has suitable size (I have a newborn baby sock).

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (8)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (9)

Once again swift the thread around the neck and suture or simply tie knots, if you have a long tail. In addition to the head, we get the likeness of the body, it is very good for our doll.
Now try to create a doll face. To do this, we take a dense thread and swift the head in the middle tight enough, creating the eye line, defining cheekbones and cheeks. Now take a tiny piece of felt, roll into a ball by your fingers and using a felting needle, nail it to the head, where the nose is usually located. That’s it.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (10)

The face of our little baby emerges. And we put “the sock”, prepared in advance and a measured specifically for this doll on the head. Tissue should fit snugly and swift the face.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (11)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (12)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (13)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (14)

Aha! Two main components – the body and head baby are almost ready. Now we have to come up with the cover for the doll’s head. If you sew doll for a child of 2-3 years, I advise you to put the cap on its head – it’s the easiest option. We sew it directly to the head with strong thread and double seam as kids are always trying to pull it away. For older kids you can sew hair, they can be combed. There are many ways to attach hair, here I used the simplest and quickest option. Unfortunately, I did not photograph this part of the process, but I can do it next time for you (email me if this is important to you).

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (15)

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (16)


Sew the head to the body tightly. And make eyes and mouth with embroidery thread. Waldorf dolls have not pronounced facial expressions and they do not have nose and mouth. Face looks quite simple and even primitive to develop child’s imagination and so he can involve the doll in a variety of situational games.

Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (17)


Waldorf doll tutorial (+free pattern) (18)

Wow! You have got out a great doll! Now it IS!

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