Today, we make clay flowers applique and get a real three-dimensional picture. We offer you two ways of modeling of different difficulty, the first one is for kids from 4 to 7 years, and the second – for kids from 1 year to 3 years. You can use clay or salt dough.

Flowers applique (1)

You will need:
Clay (or salt dough)
Thick cardboard
Gouache, broad brush
Jar of water
Lesson of modeling for children 4-7 years:
You can take a colored cardboard or paint the white one. If you sculpt out of salt dough, then the board has to be very tight, you can use the walls of the cardboard box.

Flowers applique (2)

Salt dough dries quickly in the air, take a bowl of water and a towel to moisten your hands.
Make droplets or small flagella and attach with your fingers to a sheet of cardboard.

Flowers applique (3)

Rose of clay will be so magical, if you make it volume. Roll the balls, flatten them and stick, pressing down on the middle. First, make three big ones, then three smaller ones, roll up the flagellum for the center, press a little and twist into a spiral.

Flowers applique (4)

Bells or lilies of the valley: you can make stalk of flagellum, flowers of beads, push the edges a little bit with a stack.

Flowers applique (5)

You can sculpt any flowers, even a fabulous …

Flowers applique (6)
The finished work can be placed into a nice frame, if some details are kept poorly after drying, you can use glue.

Flowers applique (7)

And now the modeling for small kids, we will use a ready-made stencils, which a child will decorate with clay.
Below you will find pictures of flowers – print them on a sheet of white or colored cardboard and start to create.
The principle of work is very simple: roll the ball for the center of a flower, make  petals of flagella or droplets,press and smudge, filling the contour. Make leaves by the same principle.

Flowers applique (8)

A few tips:
- It is important to to knead the clay to make it soft and elastic.
- Let the child choose a flower to his liking, print out a few options.
- You can help children from one to two years, for example, roll out the balls and drops and put them on the right place, and let the kids press down and attach details.

- The older the child, the more difficult to choose a bouquet.
- Older kids can come up and draw a flower on their own, and  use the pictures only for an example.

Flowers applique (9)


Flowers applique (10)


Flowers applique (11)


Flowers applique (12)


Flowers applique (13)


Flowers applique (14)


Flowers applique (15)


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