I think, that every mother is familiar with finger paints, she knows where to buy them or even knows the secret of making them at home. But, what do you know about finger painting for toddlers? Of course, the easiest and most obvious answer is to give paints and a large sheet of paper to the child and let him draw for fun – it is a very important process of self-expression. But, sooner or later, you have to acquaint the child with a more meaningful creativity, which is close to real-life or nature.
Draw together with your child this flower meadow, believe me, you are going to have some fun!

Finger painting for toddlers (1)

Prepare finger paints, a few sheets of paper, a brush and a bowl of water.

Finger painting for toddlers (2)

Making smooth and easy movements of the brush, you should draw stems and tell the child that new flowers are growing. Encourage your child to add some paints, so flowers can bloom, soak your finger in the red paint and make a mark on a piece of paper, let the child repeat. I’m sure he’ll like the idea.

Finger painting for toddlers (3)

This is how a flower blooms. You can change colors, washing the baby fingers with a damp cloth.

Finger painting for toddlers (4)

We have used also the brush with foam on the edge.

Finger painting for toddlers (5)

And then I decided to experiment a bit and make some funny and whimsical flowers with finger paints.

This is a flower meadow number “one”.

Finger painting for toddlers (6)

This is number “two”

Finger painting for toddlers (7)

Taya made this picture, she is 1 year and 3 months old.

Finger painting for toddlers (9)

I wish you success))) Let the process bring you maximum enjoyment, turn on the classical music, such as Mozart, children like it. Perhaps it will give you some inspiration and the desired mood.
I recommend this children music:

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