I love crafts with prints of children’s hands, it’s fun to get a picture after a few years and compare how the children grew during this time. So I decided to once again leave a trace of our hands in the history of our family- the result was a terrific family creativity.

Family creativity - Handprint artwork (4)

How I did it:

Family creativity - Handprint artwork (3)

Idea to do something like that I had for a long time, but I could not understand what kind of material is more suitable for this idea. Simple paper sheets don’t fit, I wanted something with the volume, thinking about the foam, but I found in the store a plastic sheet and I realized – it is what I need.
Originally, it was white and I decided to paint it silver (Spray stayed from the previous creative impulse).

Family creativity - Handprint artwork (2)

I divided the list into 4 equal parts – one for each member of the family).

Prints were made with regular acrylic paint, water is better not to dilute. The most difficult thing was to make a hand-print of my three-month daughter, but to my surprise, it turned out from the first time. My son used to have done everything by himself quickly and clearly.

 Family creativity - Handprint artwork (1)

Here is a good handprint artwork) I’m happy!

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