Today I’ll show you  how to sew a doll with your own hands from the fabric with very simple materials and without “special” skills. This doll can be made even by those, who never held a needle and thread in the hands, we need just your desire and intention. It is important to imagine the result, what it will be, its face and hair, outfit, how you hold it in your hands, so after any difficulties and failures will not stop you.

What will you need:

Flesh-colored material – I used felt, but you can take a jersey or any natural fabrics,
Material for dress
Sintepon or any other filling
Threads and a needle
Pencil or chalk

When tissue and other tools are ready, print a pattern of doll or redraw it from the screen. Cut out parts – body, head, hands and feet, note that parts of the body and head are folded in half.


Now lay the fabric and draw the parts with a pencil or crayon . Use a flesh-colored fabric for the head, hands and feet. Cut out the parts of the fabric, leaving a seam allowance on all sides – about 0.3′.

If you want to make a sleeve for the dress and socks, then cut extra details of colored fabric.

Sew all elements of one and the other half of the body. How I did it:

Start to sew halves together and gradually stuff it with synthetic padding, at first legs, then arms, body and head.

Sew the remaining hole with hidden seam. Cut out the yarn segments of equal length and sew a doll‘s head in the middle. If you sew the doll for your child, make sure the threads are sewn firmly enough.

Sew doll‘s eyes and mouth. You can sew the cheeks of pink felt, as I did.

Hi! I’m your new doll! Let’s be friends!

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