Now you will learn how to teach your child to easy draw Santa Claus, the most frequent character of Christmas and New Year pictures, wall papers and posters.

Easy draw Santa (1)

Come up with a mini-story, but in the end Santa Claus should appear. For example, Santa Claus wanted to send his portrait to his friends in Africa or you can just make a gift to please the old man.
You will need:
- A3 sheet of paper
- a jar of water, palette
- brushes of different sizes, cotton swabs, foam
- the image of Santa Claus
- rag to wipe your hands and the table

Easy draw Santa (2)

Draw the background, mix pink, blue and green paints with white paint on a palette, you will get mild pastel colors.

Easy draw Santa (3)

Draw a triangle of red paint and paint over.

Easy draw Santa (4)

Easy draw Santa (5)

Easy draw Santa (6)

Easy draw Santa (7)

Squeeze out the white paint on the palette. Poking with the sponge, draw fur coat.

Easy draw Santa (8)

If you like, you can draw patterns on the fur coat.

Easy draw Santa (9)

Easy draw Santa (10)

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