Drawing with fingers is really very helpful for hand motor function development in children. You can draw with one, two, three fingers, or even the whole palm. Drawing with two hands at the same time is very rare but useful for the strengthening of connections between the hemispheres of the brain.

Drawing with fingers (1)

I propose to draw a butterfly, using the technique described above:

What you will need to draw:
A sheet of paper attached vertically
two identical brushes
a glass with water
finger paints
a bucket with water (to wash off the paint, when you change a color)
cloth to wipe your hands
pictures of butterflies

Draw a vertical line in the middle of the sheet with a brush.

Drawing with fingers (2)

Now take with both hands two identical brushes and try to draw symmetrical wings of our butterfly.

Drawing with fingers (3)

Put the brushes, they will not be needed, and paint color of butterfly with two hands. Before it you can look pictures of butterflies with your kid, tell him, that the wings of the butterflies have always symmetrical pattern. Now, go to the fun part – drawing with fingers, put both hands in the paint and create a masterpiece.

Drawing with fingers (4)

Draw the background for the butterfly – the blue sky and green grass and flowers.

Drawing with fingers (5)

Drawing with fingers (6)

Finish the wings of a butterfly.

Drawing with fingers (7)

That’s what a beauty!

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