Drawing with children of 1-2 years old should be very simple and fast, but it should have a visible result and creative freedom for the child. Try not to lead the process, give your child the opportunity to express himself. Today we’ll show you several ways how to paint with colors, so you can decorate a room or draw a card.

drawing with children (1)

You will need:
Cartridge paper
Jar of water

Fold a sheet of paper in the middle, open it and lay in front of the kid. Let him draw for fun, it can be just a point or blob, it is better to use a thick brush. It would be better if the child will not mix the paints or use more than 3 colors.

drawing with children (2)

drawing with children (3)

Without waiting for the drying of paints, fold a sheet with colors inside and cut a flower or a butterfly.

drawing with children (4)

drawing with children (5)

Open the resulting craft together and rejoice with the kid. You can learn the mixing of colors and symmetry of the picture.

drawing with children (6)

drawing with children (7)

There is another version of the painting with children, in this case we will use a candle. Fold the paper in half, open and draw the outline of a butterfly, flower, heart, or something else with the candle. Now, give a sheet to your child, let him draw with paints.

drawing with children (8)

drawing with children (9)

drawing with children (10)

After the paint dries out a bit, fold the sheet in half and cut out the picture closely to the outline.
Colorful figures of butterflies and flowers can be glued on the picture of a meadow, this painting we reviewed previously .

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