There is another lesson of drawing an owl with gouache – today you will learn how to draw an owl!
The story: an owl comes and complains that all the birds fly, play, sing songs by day and sleep at night. But she sleeps in the daytime, waking up as the night comes, and she is boring alone, that’s just awful. Well, there is no other nocturnal birds in our dreamland. Offer children to help our owl and  draw friends for her.

Drawing an owl (1)

A3 sheet of paper,
Brushes of various sizes,
Image of an owl,
Gouache (black, yellow, red and all shades of brown)
Jar of water, palette, rag to wipe your hands and the table.

Drawing an owl (2)

The body is like an oval.

Drawing an owl (3)

Feathering around the eye is two circles.

Drawing an owl (4)

Colors for parts of the body and feathers are the same.

Drawing an owl (5)

Wing is like a leaf. Show your child that you can draw two wings – on the top or bottom, let him choose.

Drawing an owl (6)

Tail is triangle.

Legs are also triangles, draw claws, attaching a brush.

Drawing an owl (7)

Draw feathers around the eyes.

Drawing an owl (8)

You can draw tree branch and leaves. Admire! What character the owl has? What is she thinking? Come up with a story about this owl and tell.

Drawing an owl (9)

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