Today we will teach our children to draw flowers easy!
Imagine: you are tired of winter and you want to see the spring right now. What’s so great about spring? The spring is warm, green, the flowers bloom – the beauty is everywhere. Suggest kiddies to joy mothers and grandmothers and draw a spring bouquet for the holiday.

Draw flowers easy (1)

You will need:

A sheet of paper (A3)



cotton swabs

glass of water


cloth to wipe your hands and the table

pictures of flowers


Draw flowers easy (2)

First, we need to draw the sun. Mix a lot of white color and a drop of red and yellow colors on the palette. Paint the sheet with a big brush. Leave to dry.

Draw flowers easy (3)

Here is the trouble! You do not know how to draw a flower! Look at the pictures of flowers, find out that the heads look like circles. Put the template-tip on a sheet and neatly paint.

Draw flowers easy (4)

Now you need to draw the petals, so our drawings will look like flowers. Poke the sheet with the brush or cotton swab.

Draw flowers easy (5)Draw flowers easy (6)

Flowers need stems. Add to the palette green and blue paints. Attach the brush to the down of the flower and draw a line to the bottom. Draw the leaves, making loops from the stem and paint them.

Draw flowers easy (7)

Add small flowers, stamping brush on a free space around big flowers.

Draw flowers easy (8)

Well, our spring bouquet is ready.

Draw flowers easy (9)

Draw flowers easy (10)

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