I do not remember when I started to be interested in fairies. But I was already an adult, maybe I just did not want to grow up. I always thought that they are good and emotional, though there are other opinions. It is believed that fairies are “spirits of nature” and some people are able to see them.
And I believe that they exist, but in a slightly different dimension. And my kids believe.

Diy fairy (1)

The materials I used for DIY fairy:
Wooden bead for the head
Chenille (shaggy) wire
Some thread
Needle for felting
As a basis for the head I took the wooden bead, we have already done dolls by similar way. I think you can full a ball for the head, you just need to come up how to stick arms. As a basis for the hands I used chenille wire and wrapped it with felt. Bent the tips to form a hand and used the light felt.

Diy fairy (2)

So hands are ready. I hope you can see that the wire is bent in half and the middle is attached to the hole of the bead?

Diy fairy (3)

Tear off a lock of light felt and wrap the bead. I fixed with thread.

Diy fairy (4)

Tear off long enough strand for the dress of a  fairy, fold it in half and put through the head (in the photo you can see how). I created a waist with a needle and add splendor to the skirt, adding additional locks.

Diy fairy (5)

I rolled the flagellum for the belt of different colors of felt and tied it at the waist, securing the ends with the needle.

Diy fairy (6)

To make the dress more lush and beautiful, I added strands of white and yellow colors, fulling with needle under the belt. I think it looks quite harmonious. And of course, make the wings! It is easier to make them out of felt, but I really wanted to use real feathers (I have a lot of them, left from the dream catchers).

Diy fairy (7)
If you make such a toy with good thoughts and intentions, you will get a doll-amulet, it can be hung over a bed of baby and it will keep him safe. The ancient people believed that if the toy has no face, then evil spirits will not dwell it, as they fly through the eyes.

Diy fairy (8)

This is a beauty, my forest fairy, I think, she is even a little bit like me.

Diy fairy (9)

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