These cool art drawings for kids are for those who like to experiment and use non-traditional ways, as well as for parents who do not have the inspiration to clean the apartment and wash the children after the creative process or just at the moment they do not have time for this. Drawing in a punched pocket is good for children of all ages and even adults can find it amazing.

Cool art drawings for kids (1)

What you’ll need:

Finger paints

Cool art drawings for kids (2)
It is better to use 2-3 colors for each punched pocket, put colors with the spoon, remove excess air, seal the open end with the tape. Glue it to the table.

Cool art drawings for kids (3)
In the process of drawing the different colors are mixed together, look!

Cool art drawings for kids (4)

To paint you can use ready-made finger paints, which are sold at the store or make them by yourself, using the starch or flour and food coloring. I have already published the article with recipes that I use.

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