It’s owl time! We love owl crafts and this idea for making this colorful paper plate owl craft might just be our favorite as of jet.
This one will make a great classroom craft for fall or for the spookiest time of the year.

Our owl loves to rock her pastel feathers, but it can be done in many different color schemes (or just using one color). Not only does it look great, handling a punch and punching circles is always a fun process for kids to do. And gluing circles on the owl craft will give your little ones a good fine motor exercise.

Ready to get crafty? Let’s make our owl!

How to Make Colorful Paper Plate Owl
What you need:

two paper plates (one bigger than the other – if not you can trim one to make it smaller, two that are the same size will work out just as well too)
brown paint
paint brush (we do love sponge brushes)
colorful print paper for feathers
orange paper for beak and legs
white paper for eye
circle punch
scallop circle punch (optional)

If you want to make your owl even fancier some glitter is always welcome (when I say glitter I mean glitter glue – life saviour, well saviour from glitter explosions).

Step by Step Instructions On How To Make This Colorful Paper Plate Owl

Paint the paper plates brown. Let the paint dry before you continue.
Cut a triangle out of orange paper (beak) and glue it on the paper plate.
Using a scallop circle punch, make the eyes.
You can naturally just go with the regular circles, but we thing scallop edge gives it a more owly look.
Finish up the eyes and glue them on the paper plate.
Start punching circles! You’ll need quite a few!
Fold the circles in half.
Start gluing the circles on the paper plate. You can start from the bottom or from the top.
Work your way to about the middle of the paper plate (when you are happy with how the feathers look).
Cut out the legs out of orange paper.
Glue them on the back of the paper plate.
Cut the other paper plate in half.
Glue the paper plate halves on the sides of your paper plate owl to make the wings.

All done, you have one funky colorful paper plate owl craft to play with!

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