This is a simple example of clay work for kids – we will show you how to make pictures with clay. You can do it with a child 1-3 years old. For example, you cook dinner and he will be happy to develop his creativity and hand motor. And if you sit with the kid – you will be able to teach him basic colors and their combination, to roll balls of clay, to make drops, to make different shapes and patterns and so on…

Clay work for kids (1)

Draw  any shape on a sheet of paper,a car for boys or a flower for girls, for example.

Clay work for kids (2)

Take clay of different colors.

Clay work for kids (3)

Kid should take a piece of clay and attach it to the paper, the basic rule is not to go beyond the outline of the picture.

Clay work for kids (4)

Clay work for kids (5)

The process…

Clay work for kids (6)

You can cover the clay with other materials, such as pasta, beans or peas, flower crafts can be decorated with different beads and beading.

Clay work for kids (7)

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