Today my son was from the morning talking about butterflies, showing how they fly from flower to flower – it was very funny. Then we watched together a cartoon about butterflies, and suddenly in my mind appeared an image of pictures, seen something in a book about butterfly making for kids and I decided to bring it to life, so, now I share with you this clay butterfly.

Clay butterfly (1)

You will need a silhouette of a butterfly – I cut it out of colored cardboard, modeling clay of different colors, knife for clay.

It is better to cover a table with a tablecloth or newspaper, our children’s table is protected with a film, which is easily washed.

Clay butterfly (2)

I folded in half a piece of cardboard, drew and cut out the silhouette of a butterfly.

Clay butterfly (3)

To my surprise, Timmy chose black cardboard, I was confused at first, but then I decided that it was even better, because brighter colors will look more nice on a dark background, and butterflies in nature are so different…

Clay butterfly (4)

Now the child is decorating the butterfly wings. Recall butterflies, which you have seen, you can look pictures in internet or books.

Clay butterfly (5)

Wings can be decorated with clay of any color. You can offer your child to make the background for them, just smear clay on paper.

Clay butterfly (6)

Now roll balls and flagella, they can be rolled between your hands, you can press them with your fingers, make different shapes and attach to the wings of butterflies, draw different patterns and designs.

Clay butterfly (7)

We tried to make patterns on the wings symmetrically, but it did not always work.

Clay butterfly (8)

Here’s our butterfly. I would have added more patterns, of course, but Timmy said, that it was enough, and carried it to hang on the wall. To me, it seems that hanging is the favorite and the most important for him)))

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