This idea of a birthday  applique is very simple, it can be implemented on a greeting card or a sheet of A4 paper and so on. This simpleness gives the child the possibility to do all the work by himself with a minimum of your help, I think it’s an advantage.

Birthday applique (1)

So, we will make a birthday cake and fireworks. Prepare, please :

Sheet of white or colored paper
Paper strips of different colors
Brush and paint

Birthday applique (2)
My children (son 4 years and daughter 1.5 years) were preparing this birthday gift for dad, they made ​​themselves almost everything, brother lead sister, and I just gave some recommendations.

Stick paper strips on a piece of paper, it is our cake layers. You can put a candle on top .

Birthday applique (3)
Children drew fireworks or confetti around, I do not even know what it’s more like… I offered them to draw balloons.

Birthday applique (4)
We also made a bunch of maple leaves.

Birthday applique (5)
Children’s gift was a success , Dad was pleasantly surprised and kids were very pleased. I am convinced that the teaching of children how to make and give gifts very well and favorably affects them, inspires new ideas and meritorious deeds!

Here is more gift ideas for dad‘s birthday.

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