Here is spring in the yard, it is a wonderful time! Migratory birds have already started to return, they make nests or occupy vacant birdhouses and rejoice citizens with their singing.

Bird applique (1)

We suggest to make this bird applique with children. We colored it with the paints and a sponge, and then attached to a clean sheet of paper.

So, what is necessary to prepare for the work:
Pieces of sponge
Cup with water and palette

Bird applique (2)

Before you start working with paints, you should cut out bird figures, a tree trunk with branches and a birdhouse of paper. I did it by myself, but if your child is able to accurately cut, then he can make it.

Bird applique (3)

So when all the parts are ready – we move on to coloring. To paint a tree, pour brown, black and a bit of yellow paint into a palette and alternately dipping a sponge into the paint, color the tree trunk with sponge prints.

Bird applique (4)

Do the same thing with the birdhouse.

Bird applique (5)

I tried to control the process to get birds of different colors. Before making a new bird we washed the sponge and used a different color. We combined, basically, two colors, such as red and yellow, or orange and red, also we used a different color for belly and wings.

Bird applique (6)

Separately, we painted a small piece of paper, using two shades of green, and then I cut out the leaves of the tree.

Bird applique (7)

Leave everything to dry.

Bird applique (8)

When all the components are completely dry, glue them to a piece of paper. I used a A4 sheet of slightly greenish color. First, attach house and a tree, and then leaves, and then singing birds, settling into the house and tree branches.

Bird applique (9)

Interesting, isn’t it? All birds are so different, someone is walking on the roof of the birdhouse, someone is sitting on a branch, someone is in the air, but they all are very nice. Also you can draw certain details with markers or paint, for example, we added sun, decorative cage and decorations.

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